Tandur Yellow Limestone Suppliers and Exporters

Tandur Yellow Limestone found in the form of Sedimentary Limestone rocks. Tandur Yellow Limestone is high quality limestone composed of calcium carbonate in the form of calcite or aragonite. Tandur yellow limestone is Oil Resistant & Non-Slippery, well suited for Flooring and Paving purposes. Tandur Yellow Limestone is used in flooring, Wall Cladding, Countertops, and pavement of floors of large commercial complexes, Outer Door looking for Houses, Airports, Hospitals, Railway Stations, and Pavement in Parks etc.

Tandoor Yellow limestone is also called French Vanilla is a warm honey coloured limestone with subtle texture & rustic appearance. Owing to its strength & durability, Tandur Yellow Limestone is ideal for all kind of construction applications be it landscaping, walling, floorings, patios and so on. The natural sheen that the stone carries with Tandur Yellow Limestone generates an internal urge that is indescribable and can only create a feel like owning it come what might. An imperial and elegant stone, Lime Yellow reminds a classic ambience, this material is an exquisite addition to the collection of natural limestones.

Lime Yellow slabs / tiles carry with it beautiful color, smooth texture and perfect finish which give Tandur Yellow Limestone a royal touch. Such tiles can transform the surroundings in no time and are an epitome of elegance and sophistication.

One who loves nature and thus natural stone cannot keep himself away from the charm of Tandur Yellow Limestone. Be whatever be the color scheme of your office / Tandur Yellow Limestone just gels with almost any color due to its glowing texture and excellent finishing.

Tandur Yellow limestone provide excellent cutting and carving on its surface and thus can be also used for all kinds of ornamental works.

Tandur Yellow Limestone is available in many surfaces like, Natural, Polished, Honed, Sand Blasted, Brushed, Lather Finish, Tumbled and Calibrated.

Tandur Yellow Limestone is available in Hand Cut Paving and Sawn edges. Also available in Circle paving, Walling stone, Cobbles, Curb stone, Flag Stones, Massive steps, Stepping stones, Pool Coping, Crazy Paving, Mosaics , Borders and Skirting Pieces.

Kakatiya Overseas are the exporters and suppliers of Tandur Yellow Limestone. Kakatiya Overseas have an factory at our own site and manufacture equipment for the stone like machines, calibration machine. These Limestone are used in India, it can be used for many constructing building complex and also making for many other substances. The Yellow Limestone Exports to other countries like France, Italy, Germany, UK etc.

  • Tandur Yellow Limestone Exporters
  • Tandur Yellow Limestone Exporters
  • Tandur Yellow Limestone Exporters
  • Tandur Yellow Limestone Exporters

    Some examples are

  • Kitchen Racks
  • Cupboard Racks
  • Window Shapes
  • Door Rises
  • Wall Cladding

    Uses of Tandur Yellow Limestone :

  • Easy to Cut, Carve, Readily available and Long-lasting, theses homes display variety of uses for limestone in the normal living and Modern houses.

  • These Limestone are like Compactness, hardness, Durability, Play an major role with its uses.

  • Limestone uses include in Countertops, Worktops, Staircases Steps and lot a more that creates a new stylish look at homes.