Kurnool grey Limestone Antique Type 3

The versatility of the Kakatiya Overseas stone slabs makes them an ideal applications for conservatories, hallways and kitchen flooring. All the Kakatiya Overseas stone slabs are sensitively and ethically and Antique Finish Type 3 sourced from India. A full range of UK delivery options is available on all our limestone floor tile products.

When a design plan calls for rustic or Antique Finish Type 3 décor elements,very few things replicate the concept better than reclaimed stone flooring. Whether the creative inspiration comes from a European structure like an 18th-century château in France, selecting the right color, stone and texture are key to a successful project.

Below you can find the Specification of the product
  • 20x20cm
  • 20x40cm
  • 40x40cm
  • 40x60cm
  • 50x50cm
  • 60x30cm
  • 60x60cm
  • 60x90cm
Thickness: 2cm , 2.5cm , 3cm, 4cm, 5cm
Edges: Handcut and Machine Cut